The 'Quick Exit' Button



Many websites that deal with domestic violence use the "quick escape" or "fast exit" feature. These buttons are usually easy to spot and allow the browser to replace the website they are viewing with something neutral. It is found to be less noticeable/suspicious than closing the browser completely.


We have taken this feature a step further. Our quick exit buttons sit in a floating bar across the bottom of our website, no matter what page you are viewing.

The user can click on any part of the bar to be taken to Google, or click on any of the Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube buttons. This allows you to choose where you want to quickly exit to, and decide what is the least suspicious for you personally.

3 Step Safety

Our quick exit buttons feature 3 steps of safety. When clicked,

  1. The chosen page will open in a new tab.
  2. The previous tab will be replaced with a general news or weather page.
  3. When the back button is clicked from that page, it goes to google. This does not erase your full browser history, so please read tips below.

Safe Browsing Tips and Resources

  • If you think your devices or internet search activities are being monitored, access this information from a device that isn’t being monitored. That should be a device that the person does not or has not had physical or remote access to. This is the safest thing to do if you don’t want someone to know that you are visiting these websites.
  • Use your internet browser settings to increase your privacy, such as turning off browsing history or using the browser in private/incognito mode.
  • If it is safe to do so, delete the websites URLs that you don't want to be stored in the browser history. (CTRL+H for most browsers. Command+Option+2 on Mac)

Learn more about safe browsing at TECHSAFETY.ORG 

Click here to read more about online safety and privacy.






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