Teen's Program Mission

Today's youth face multidimensional issues when it comes to sexual behaviour. Between media, society, and culture, teens are subjected to million of messages about sexuality and relationships.

The Teen's Program works within the feminist philosophy of the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre and aspires to provide hope in a safe atmosphere that is conductive to healing the traumas of sexual assault and sexual abuse. We provide counselling, education, and advocacy for young women and men aged 14 through 18 who are young survivours of sexualized trauma. 

We will:

  1. Develop and provide educational materials and concerning sexual abuse/assault and its impact on our youth for the community through workshops and training sessions. 
  2. Ensure clear and consistent communication in dealing with other involved agencies or professionals in order to guarantee comprehensive case management.
  3. Provide safe and confidential services for all individuals who seek support.

Childhood sexual abuse is an abuse of power that often instills feelings of shame, guilt, and anger in a child that can develop into risky coping strategies such as addictions, eating disorders, and other mental health concerns later in life. Drug facilitated sexual assault, date rape, and sexual harassment are all prevalent issues in our society. 

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Trans-gendered individuals are also at an increased risk of sexual assault and because of prejudiced societies, have more barriers to their healing. It's time to hear the youth speak out and restore hope.


This program is sponsored by United Way Northern British Columbia. We also thank the Province of British Columbia and our generous community for the financial support. 


Common Misconceptions

most rapes occur at night by strangers lurking in dark places.

4 out of 5 teen rape victims are assaulted by someone they know. Many rapes occur during daylight hours in places familiar to the victims. 

if someone was raped, they must have been asking for it.

Nobody ever asks or deserves to be raped. 

a lot of times rape could be prevented if the person had only fought harder.


a lot of women "cry rape" to get back at someone they are angry with.

The only person who can prevent rape is the person ho commits it. Sometimes fighting can increase the chances of getting seriously hurt.


Out of all reported sexual assault cases, false reports only mkae about 2%.


Counselling After Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a traumatic event in the life of children and families, it distorts their sense of their word, their self concept and  capacities. Counselling can assist families in the following ways:

  • Normalizes the trauma through support and education.
  • Provides a safe place to express thoughts and feelings through art and play therapy.
  • Rebuilds personal capacity.
  • Rebuilds the child’s self-concept,value and worth.
  • Rebuilds trust in self, others and the world
  • Renews hope and optimism.