PG Sexual Assault Centre's New Look!

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Hello! We are Kelsey and Berlynn -  the designers at Inland Control & Services Inc. In late 2017, Inland was presented with an amazing opportunity to donate our time towards this local non-profit organization. We were asked to design a new identity and website for the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre. This was an exciting project because we were given full creative freedom to design something for the Centre.

We started our process with searching for inspiration and colour palette ideas. One of the first few things we saved was this image of a colour palette designed by Canva. We loved it because the overall palette was soothing and strong, yet not aggressive or too feminine.


We saved a variety of photos for inspiration of different flowers, knots and broken circles to name a few. We kept coming back to the colour palette photo and finally got the idea to look up the flower in the photo. We found that this flower is called a Protea. We were drawn to it because its so unusual looking. It presents itself in a variety of shapes, sizes, hues and textures to make up more than 1,400 varieties. We found it even more interesting when we researched the flower more and found that it stands for Courage, Transformation, and Change.

We explored a few other ideas, but ultimately loved the idea of the Protea and felt that it was our strongest concept. We focused on creating a logo with this flower and came up with a number of quick ideas before landing on our final logo.

Once we had the colour palette and a first draft of the logo, we started working on the new website and adding all the correct information. Once we had the website roughly together, we created a mood board that we would be able to present to the ladies at PGSAC along with the website. We were so overwhelmed when they loved our ideas and couldn't wait to start implementing the changes. 

We are still currently working on things to help the PGSAC transition to their new brand identity and are so happy to help and be a part of this organization that helps so many people in our community.

Stay tuned for more progress and things happening with the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre!!

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Inland Control & Services hopes to expand our services and do more graphic design work for outside companies in the future. For more info on the design services that we offer, check out our website here.

Feel free to take a look at our own personal portfolios as well: 

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