General feedback

As a community driven agency that is accountable to its members, the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre is committed to transparency and accountability in regards to governance, management, ethical decision making, policy development, and financial management. The agency includes all team members in making decisions that effect the functioning of the agency and provides a safe and inclusive work and service culture.


Complaints Resolution Process

During the initial intake appointments with clients, the counsellor will go over steps the client can take if they have any concerns or complaints.  Clients will be assured that if at any time they have concerns, those concerns will be taken seriously, and every step will be made to address them. The complainant will be encouraged to talk with the staff member directly involved in their case.  If they do not feel the complaint has been addressed to their satisfaction they can then put their concerns in writing and request a meeting with the Executive Director. All decisions regarding the complaint are based on fairness, best practices, policies and procedures, contractual obligations and/or Board decisions.  If after this process the client is not satisfied they may pursue the complaint by contacting the Board of Directors, and finally the funding agency. All complaints will be documented and a record of response will be kept on file.  Through this process, information will be shared on a need to know basis, and the confidentiality of the client and staff member will be respected. 

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